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FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q: Can I order by post with plastic?
A: No, sorry. We ran it for a while but only got about 3% of our sales from it, so it wasn't cost-effective.

Q:How much is postage on my order?
A: It depends where you are. see the animated map on the 'prices' page and choose the value accordingly.

Q: How is my order sent
A: We use the Royal Mail in the UK and Royal Mail Airmail for elsewhere.

Q: Do I need a Paypal account to buy stuff?
A: No, just a credit or debit card, but you'll still use the form on Paypal to pay.

Q: I'm having trouble logging on to Paypal, what's up?
A: There seems to be an issue with Firefox & Paypal. Can you try another browser?
    Otherwise try emptying your cache & cookies. Look in 'Tools', then 'Options' above.

Q: How long 'til I get my stuff?
A: Please allow a week for delivery in the UK. Two for elsewhere.
     If there's going to be any further delay we will email you immediately.

Q: What if it doesn't arrive as described?
A: All our stuff is guaranteed 100%. If you're not happy, contact us immediately.

Q: How come you don't do long-sleeve t-shirts any more?
A: When we were using the computer to print shirts it was easy to have lots of designs and types of shirts,
    but now we're silk-screen printing again, it's less easy.
    You can order long-sleeves if you're prepared to wait for the next print run.

Q: Can I send you a cheque?
A: Of course, we still accept ye olde cheques from a UK bank.

Q: How come a Paypal shopping cart?
A: We've been using Paypal to buy (& sell) stuff since the previous millennium and never had a problem. Banks charge a fortune to start a merchant id account (so we could accept credit card payments online & over the phone) whereas Paypal charge a small monthly fee. Also you don't reveal your card details to anyone and with Paypal you are 100% guaranteed and insured against loss.

Q: Who is Jack Shit?
A: Not telling