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We only use quality 100% cotton shirts from Fruit of the Loom:
Fruit of the Loom shirts are made in Morocco, and that's got to be better than some sweat shop in the far east, so that's another reason for us choosing this quality shirt.
These are the shirts we wear ourselves as we don't like man-made fibres. They need to be washed at a low temperature & not tumble-dried, but otherwise are hardy and should last a long time.

Measure your chest (or widest part), then choose whether you want your shirt tight or baggy. If you like your shirt to be baggy, order at least two inches up from what your actual chest size is, (if you're average sized).

FRUIT OF THE LOOM: Size chest (to fit): M - 38/40" 96.5/101.5cm; L - 41/43" 104/109cm; XL - 44/46"  112/117cm; XXL - 47/49" 119/124.5cm

Because we're selling a lot of shirts now, we've gone back to silk-screen printing. The prints are of a fine quality, the black between the boxes, is the black of the shirt itself. This means the prints are breathable & stretchable. Obviously, when the design calls for a great big fat tyre which is mainly made of white, then that's not going to be breathable, though it still stretches fine.



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